Ditch The Block: The Write Your Words Challenge

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Ditch The Block: The Write Your Words Challenge

Marianne Post
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Ready to ditch procrastination, fear, perfectionism, self-doubt, overwhelm...? 

Sweet! I've got just the game for you. 

Yep, a game, with a gameboard, cheat sheet, and opponent.

Ditch The Block is a face-off between your creative self and the source of your writer's block.

How about a quick spin around the instructions? (As in that booklet we leave in the box.) 


To ditch a block and reach a daily writing goal for 7 days straight.


Bloggers, students, authors, solo-preneurs, screenwriters, stay-at-home parents, copywriters, retirees...anyone who has words to write but struggles to get them on the page.


  • Focused 17 minute audio strategy session (MP3)
  • Printable gameboard with cheat sheet (PDF)


  • Listen to the MP3 for guidelines, real-world examples and game-winning tips.
  • Pick a block and commit to your doable 7-day challenge.
  • Put a prize on the line and accountability in play.
  • Complete your daily challenge and mark your gameboard.


You win if you complete your challenge for 7 days straight. OR miss a day but don't quit. 

You collect a prize if you hit the target point value you set on day one.

That's it. Pick a block. Outwit the source behind your block and collect your prize.

Oh, and you get access to me, your coach. Just email me for support on a "I can't do this" day or for a fist-bump when you win the game.

You can't win if you don't play. So...

I double-dog dare you to click the risk free "I want this" button. 

Risk free? 

Yep, you've got 60 days to play. If you decide Ditch The Block sucks, I'll refund your hard earned cash.


Hit that "I want this" button to give Ditch The Block: The Write Your Words Challenge a go.

I want this!

You'll get a printable gameboard with cheatsheet (PDF) + a 16-minute audio strategy session (MP3).

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